Beautiful Happy Birthday Cakes Images

Happy Birthday Cup Cake image

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The cakes are an important part of the Birthday celebrations. Various types of cakes are available now in shops. Decorating the cakes is another happy activity during the birthday. People use colorful candles and stick it on the cakes. The Birthday person will blow off the candle lights and cut the cake. The cakes will be cut and distributed to everyone. People will sing the Happy Birthday song and wish the Birthday person. People will buy cakes with the name of the birthday person written on it.

Chocolate, Pineapple, Vanilla, Black Forest, Mango, Coffee, etc are some of the popular cakes available in the markets. There are also various websites available to order cakes online. Also, some people will prepare cakes in their house instead of buying them from stores. People will wish and send images and greetings to the birthday person on this special day. The images of Birthday cakes are used to share on this special day. People use Social media like Facebook, Twitter and other messengers to share the birthday cake images, photos, or pictures. Here is the best collection of Happy Birthday cakes HD images to share with your dear ones on their birthdays. Send these beautiful cake images to your friend or dear ones more special on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Cakes Images

Here are the rare and beautiful collections of Birthday cake HD images. You can get colorful images of birthday cakes with candles here. Also, get the best cake images with quotes and wishes here.

Happy Birthday Cup Cake image

Happy Birthday Cup Cake image

Happy Birthday Cake Images

Happy Birthday Cake Images

Delicious birthday cakes Images

Birthday cake image

Birthday Cake Images

Happy Birthday Cakes Images

Happy Birthday Cake Cartoon Image

Select the best one from the above and send it your birthday friend, family person or relatives. Also, check out some of the famous Birthday cake quotes below.

“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.” – Buddy Valastro

“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” – Jim Davis

“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.” – George Harrison

“I like birthday cake. It’s so symbolic. It’s a tempting symbol to load with something more complicated than just ‘Happy birthday!’ because it’s this emblem of childhood and a happy day.” – Aimee Bender

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25 Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

25 Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

Happy Birthday is one of the most important days in a man’s life. To wish your near and dear ones is really important not only for the person you are wishing but also for you. Since you want to convey your best wishes and make the person whose birthday is on the day, feel special a loved. No better way to wish than to use the Top quotes. As wise quotes Sometimes in life we feel so low and down,  because of various reasons. In those times wise quotes from wise people help us to look at things from a different perspective and help us immensely in getting out of the rut that we find ourselves in, sometimes.

Sometimes,  just to add to our wisdom or just out of curiosity,  we read quotes and quotable quotes. This exercise helps to increase not only our wisdom but also helps us to improve our conversation skills. This is a big thing in personality development. Good conversation skills help to put a good impression on the other person. Even during job interviews good personality with good conversation skills help to score better.

25 Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes 

I trust all your birthday dreams and wishes materialize.

A straightforward festival, a social affair of companions; here is wishing you extraordinary joy, a delight that never closes.

Might your birthday be loaded with daylight and grins, chuckling, affection, and cheer.56

Glad Birthday and numerous upbeat returns of the day.

Might the best of your past be the most exceedingly terrible of your future.

Glad Birthday to somebody who is everlastingly youthful.

Might your uncommon day be loaded with recollections and blooms, companionship and cheerful hours.

Have a great day and awesome year.

You’re more established today than yesterday yet more youthful than tomorrow, Happy Bday!

Wish you an exceptionally upbeat birthday

Might life lead you 2 extraordinary joy

achievement and trust dat

all your wishes comes true!72

make the most of your day.

On your birthday,

I might want to give you

a few useful tidbits


Grin while regardless you have teeth.

Numerous glad returns of the day

Might ur birthday bring

every extraordinary thing

that u have held up 4

& regular ahead holds

heaps of joy in store..

Might your unique day…

Encompassed with bliss,

Loaded with giggling,

Wrapped with joy,

Lit up with fun,

Favored with affection,

Recollected with happiness,

… and advanced with trusts.


God gave us the endowment of life; it is dependent upon us to give ourselves the endowment of living well.17 – Voltaire

Consistently on your birthday, you get an opportunity to begin new. – Sammy Hagar

Birthdays are nature’s method for instructing us to eat more cake. – Edward Morykwas

The mystery of staying youthful is to live sincerely, eat gradually, and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball

Birthdays are beneficial for you. The more you have, the more you live. – Unknown

Birthdays ought to be recollected that, it is an extraordinary event that you must celebrate. Make it happy, you have nothing to stress over age except for rather you or we ought to thanks the ruler for all the great recollections that we officially experienced.

Youth is glad in light of the fact that it can see excellence. Any individual who keeps the capacity to see excellence never develops old. – Franz Kafka

The old think everything; the moderately aged suspect everything; the youthful know everything. – Oscar Wilde

A birthday is simply one more day where you go to work and individuals give you cherish. Age is only a perspective, and you are as old as you think you may be. You need to remember you are good fortune and be upbeat.

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS for Boyfriend | Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS for Boyfriend | Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

The Birthday is the very important and precious moment of the life. Everybody wants to make the birthday of their close ones, very special. A very expensive gift or a grand party is not necessary for feeling your close ones or your friends very special; even sometimes a very small thing makes them happy.

Boyfriend really holds a special place in every girls’ life. If you simply wish your boyfriend through the special messages and express exactly what you feel towards him, it’ll really make him feel special. If you state some touchy lines or messages that incorporate your feelings towards him then it is beyond any precious gift. If you are not able to decide how to express your feelings to your boyfriend or how to wish him then there are at the right place. Some related happy birthday SMS and Wishes for boyfriend are stated below that will definitely help you.

Birthday SMS for Boyfriend

On this special day, I wish you all the very best,
all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today,
tomorrow and the days to come!
May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come….
Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear!!!!

Do you know
why I never need to ask for any blessings from God?
That is because, he has given me friend like you!
Wish you Happy Birthday dear Jaanu.

We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

On your birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love.
May all your dreams become a reality.
But even more than that, may it bring you loads of true love and friendship.
Have an amazing birthday dear!!!!

Phoolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai,
Sooraj ne gagan se Salam bheja hai,
Mubarak ho Aapko Naya Janam Din,
Tahe-Dil se Humne ye Paigaam bheja hai.

Hope you live forever,
because this is what I am planning to do
and the sure thing is that I am going to need you.
A Very Happy Birthday buddy!

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

In soft gleaming night of stars, may all your dreams come true.
May every star of every night, bring love and joy to you.
Wish you warm Happy Birthday!

Oh, your another birthday has arrived?
But it really seems only yesterday that you were a whole year younger!
Happy Birthday….
God bless you, Buddy!

If I had three wishes,
I wouldn’t ask for happiness, health and riches.
I have all those things and more because of you!
Happy birthday!

I am so blessed to have a life partner like you.
I love you more than the words can ever express.

You’re the biggest celebrity of my life, my dear Jaanu!
On your Birthday today, I wish to thank you for every single thing
you’ve done for me in my life and every single smile you’ve given me.
May the God bless you and keep you happy.

You are a wonderful source of happiness & joy….
May your special day bring you an extra share of everything
which makes you the happiest in the world.
Happy Birthday Dear Jaan.

If you want to wish your dear one, a very happy birthday through our website, you can submit your wish below. You can also share these birthday SMS and Wishes on Facebook

6 Traits and Characteristics of People Born in June the 6th Month of the Year

June the 6th month of the year is here. With the advancement of the 6th month in the calendar, there are people who are worried as they successfully wasted almost half a year and a half is still remaining. There are many things that make this 6th month significant, whether it’s the arrival of monsoon and pitter-patter of rain drops or the holiday season, everything seems to make June the most beautiful month of the year.

Lucky are those who are born in June, isn’t it? Well, despite everything else, June is one of the months of the year that hosts the maximum birthdays. Shilpa Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Salman Rushdie, is the name of a few. Well, in this very special article we are going to describe about the traits and characteristics of the people born in June. You can tally it with yourself (if you are a June born) or with someone close to you who is born in June.

Magnetic Personality: People born in June have a magnetic personality. They are so charming that no eye can ignore them. They are easy to love and everyone wants to be their friend. Apart from their attractive looks they have other talents too like acting, singing, writing, etc.

They Come with Craziest Ideas: They have a visionary mind, hence come up with such ideas that other even don’t think of. In fact their thought goes far behind the thought of normal people. At certain point of time, people do consider their idea as crazy but most of the time it ends up at positive results.

Picky and Choosy for Clothes: Those who are born in June are more cautious about their personality. They always wish to carry themselves in the best manner. They are much picky and choosy for their clothes and most of them don’t compromise in something less than a brand.

Please Enemies and Make Them Friends: Well, one thing that always makes the June born the top personalities is that the word ‘enemy’ does not exist in their dictionary. They have a pleasing and unique quality that turns their enemies into friends sooner or later. As they are good in conversation, they always win over those who dislike them easily.

They are Moody: One thing about the June born that can hurt you is that, they are moody. They are the personalities who will not compromise in something less. What they want, they want; and they don’t go for the other options. This is what makes them moody and can affect those near to them.

Control Emotions Smartly: 6th and the most important quality of June born is that they control their emotions very smartly. As they are always conscious about their looks and personality in front of others this is reason they don’t break down in front of everyone. With a thought ‘what people will think’, they most of the time fail to express their emotions. They only open up with those who are much closer to them and not in front of everyone.

So, those who have their birthdays on June, wish you a very happy birthday. And those who are waiting for their loved ones birthday on this 6th month of the year, don’t forget to surprise them with something pleasant on the special day of their life, it can be birthday cake, birthday flower surprise, or any other thing equivalent to this.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Daughter

Birthday is the most important event for a person. The person blowing the candles is no doubt excited for the event but at the meantime others who are associated with him are also excited for the day. There are few important persons in our life, who play a very significant role and on the other hand there are few who are life. Daughter is life for parents. She is the one who blesses the entire family. On the birthday of your angel, you can cheer her up with something really very fantastic and special too. We are here with some really fantastic birthday cake ideas for your daughter and definitely something that could cheer her up.

Barbie Cake: A designer cake with the structure of Barbie is something that would perfectly decode the merriment of your angel’s birthday celebration. You can go with a designer birthday cake in the shape of Barbie and could cheer the little angel. This would not be only a cake but would serve as a cute birthday surprise too.

Photo Cake: On the birthday of your daughter when there is a requirement of something special in the form of cake then you can go with photo cake. Photo cake is the perfect means to depict the memories and is something that could be cheered for a longer period of time as well.

3 Tier Cake: Go with 3 tier cake as a pleasant birthday surprise for your daughter. If the event is big and there are many guests invited for the program then going with a regular cake won’t solve the purpose. Instead of something small, you should go with a big size cake and definitely 3 tier cake is something that would solve the purpose.

These are few of the best birthday cake ideas for your daughter and are few impressive cake designs and types that you could try out. In case, you are not there to wish your little angel on her birthday then still you have a great option to send cake online to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, or wherever your cute little angel resides. Otherwise also, buying cake online is a great and relieving task because with it, you can send surprise cake for your daughter. By browsing through the portal for cake, you would come across many favorable ideas and using the ideas you can pick the perfect gift for the angel of your home.

How to Plan Birthday Surprise For Husband

Birthday is of course that one day of the year which makes everyone a celebrity and of course, there is no denial for this. It is the date of birth that cheers a person completely and it is because he is blessed with a life in which he has so many well-wishers. We are blessed with many relations in life and one amongst the very special bond of relationship is the one that we share with our life partner. Life partner is the person who would always walk by us no matter how hard the situation would be.

For your life partner who has been doing commendable things in your life, on his birthday he really needs a surprise. Surprises have now become a part and parcel of relationship and when it is the birthday of some very important person then definitely you need to put the best of your efforts in the same. If it is your husband’s birthday then here are the surprise birthday party ideas for him that would make you to earn those brownie points in relationship of course.

Plan a Surprise Birthday Party at Home: The first and the foremost important thing that you can do for your husband and which is something much related to the occasion is to plan a surprise birthday party at home. This should be a party in which he can find all his loved ones surrounded by and other than this providing him his best things to eat and drink is also favourable.

Send Online Cake to Him at Office: If you really want to delight your hubby then you should do something really very special. Keeping it a surprise at home you can send online cake to the office address or to his workplace. The concept of online cake is specially meant for those who want to surprise their loved ones with the delight of cake. You can also surprise your hubby with a romantic heart shape cake.

Give Him a Surprise Visit: Cheering your husband’s mood in the middle of hectic day by your surprise visit and that too on his birthday is a great idea. This would be a remarkable step and something that would provide both of you adequate time together.

Present Him Something He Desires For: The last but not the least option is to present husband something that he actually desires for. It can be a play-station, mobile, gadget, shoes, or anything like this. As you stay closer to him hence no one better than you can understand his desires.

These are definitely, the best ideas for surprise birthday party of husband. If you really wish to make it a grand surprise for your hubby then do try the things that are mentioned above. For sure, it would help you out in doing something extraordinary for your partner on his birthday.

3 Best Special and Unique Birthday Gifts for Best Friend

25 Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

Gift plays an integral part of celebration. It is an energy booster that nourishes the relationship in much better sense. Gifts are though special and required for every relationship but at the meantime there are few relationship bonds that does not goes well with normal gift, something unique and extra ordinary is required for the same. And, in that category one name that always comes in first is best friend. Best friend is not just a relationship but a bond that defines complete life. All of us have one such special friend who is not just a friend but family to us.

Deciding on gifts for best friend is always complicated and it is because normal gift would not work for the same. If it is your best friend’s birthday approaching then don’t compromise with something normal or ordinary because we are here with these special and unique birthday gift ideas for best friend. Try these out and strengthen the bond.

Photo Collage with Memories: On the birthday of your friend, never settle for anything less than the collage of great memories. You should go for photo collage collecting the great memories of friendship and gift it to your friend. Personalized coffee mug, personalized photo frame, personalized cushions, are few of the things where you can print the photo collage and make it a great memory for friend on his birthday.

Lucky Plant: On this birthday of your friend present him good luck. Presenting lucky plant to your best friend would be the best gesture to express your love and care. This is such a gift that would grow with your friendship and bless your best friend with good luck.

Surprise Birthday Cake with Flowers: If it is your best friend’s birthday, you can’t keep calm. Surprise the most important person of your life with something much amazing. Go for a surprise birthday cake with flower combo to express your love and affection. You can also go with mid night cake delivery option which is available with many online cake delivery services.

These are the best ideas from our side that you can implement for picking the best gift for a friend who is life to you. You can also check out online gifting portals because they are flooded with many options and choices. Make the birthday of your best friend super special with these gifts.

Make Your Baby Girl’s Birthday Extra Special with Mouthwatering Cakes

The most proud moment for a couple is to become parents and when your child turns one you want to make the day special and memorable time to remember for both of you. if you child is turning 1 then you must celebrate it as a grand celebration and capture each and every moment of her birthday so that she can see how you guys had made her birthday so special. Undoubtedly the first birthday is for the parents and for the guest because the child cannot remember anything and what can make a birthday even more special is by a birthday cake.

A cake is always essential for a birthday party; one can hardly imagine his birthday without a cake. The tradition of cake cutting on birthday is being followed since time immemorial. A cake can make your party a grand celebration or a wrong can even ruin your party. Every celebration and occasion is associated with a particular design of cake so you must search for the best cake that suits perfectly with the occasion. Especially when you are celebrating your baby girl’s first birthday you must select the most unique cake for her. At online cake stores you will get vast varieties of cakes to choose from you can choose a reliable site and explore the site to pick the best and unique cake for your sweet heart.

It’s often seen that there is either photo, character or themed cake is used on kid’s birthday party so you can also make your cute little girl’s birthday special and memorable with some theme or photo cake. You can top the cake with some cartoon characters like princess, Barbie doll, Mickey Mouse etc. this will fascinate the kids that you will invite in your party. You can also opt for photo cakes in which you can add your baby’s pic that will make the occasion even more personalized.

You can also try the different types of cakes like designer cakes, heart shape cakes, premium cake, eggless cake, tiered cakes, regular cakes etc. pick the best one for your daughter’s birthday and make the day special and a memorable time to remember. Your daughter can’t enjoy the cake as she is only one year old so you must choose the flavor of the cake which would be loved by your guest and you must also select the weight of the cake according to the number of guests you have invited. All your needs will be fulfilled with online cake p so buy and send cake to India online. There are several online portals from where you can buy cake online, order cake online or send cake online to any city of India.

Three Special Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Child

The day of birth is always a significant event for a person. It is the moment that provided him life. And celebrating the moment becomes a mandatory gesture. Making the best of a birthday party is not possible without our loved ones. Without the aid of those who are prominent for us we cannot celebrate the day of happiness. But in cases we are the responsible person to organize birthday. Celebrating the birthday of your child is the biggest responsibility in front of you. But with your age and experience you can do something much favorable in this concern.

Make the birthday of your child the most happening event for him and you can do this favor with a cake delight for him. Cake is always the necessary part of a birthday party. As it is the birthday of your child hence you need to take extra care for the most appropriate cake for him. If you are unable to make out as what should be the best cake type for your child then below we are listing three special birthday cakes for children you can choose from it.

Personalized Cake: You can now personalize cakes for an event. Isn’t it really great? Choose the designer idea that you want to implement on the birthday cake of your child and accordingly you can design it for him. You can give some additional childish touch to the cake so that your kid will like and appreciate your choice.

Designer Cake: Designer cake is one of the trendiest forms of cake nowadays. You can get many designs, shapes and sizes in cakes now. Gone are the days when cake designs used to be of boring square and round shapes. You can now experiment much with designer cake and make it the best attraction of the party.

Photo Cake: If you want golden memories of your life to stay with your child forever then chose a photo cake for his birthday. He will be overwhelmed with happiness and joy the moment he will see his photograph above the cake. It is definitely a great idea to let your kid showoff in presence of his buddies. You can order cake online and find attractive deals and discounts on online cakes.

These are three favorable cake types for your child. Present the most adequate birthday cake to make his special day even more special and memorable. To make your presence felt even from a distance you can send cake online to India and let the happiness flow in your bond forever.